Valentinis-Dee and Florence elected as new student body president and vice-president


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President-Elect Catching Valentinis-Dee (left) and Vice-President-Elect Andrew Florence (right) answer questions from audience members during the Student Government Presidential Debate, Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, in the LBJ Teaching Theater.

Chelsea Mumy and Audrey Garcia

Student Government’s election results were announced at 7 p.m. Thursday in the LBJ Student Center. Valentinis-Dee and Florence will lead the next Student Government administration.

President-elect Catching Valentinis-Dee scored the majority of the votes at 67.5%, while his running mate, Vice-president elect Andrew Florence won with 70.4% of the votes. Total enrollment of the university is nearly 40,000.

“When I heard that result that Andrew became Vice President figured that hopefully, my name would be read next, and I became very excited,” President-Elect Valentinis-Dee said. “Being able to bring that insight to the university and to be able to legitimately and honestly represent the students that pure, excitement, looking forward to what we’re going to be able to accomplish.”

As those who lost the election exited the LBJ lounge an air of positivity was felt from both campaigns.

Those who will now head the Student Government are looking forward to improving diversity and cooperation between members of the council. Presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Cody Lee DeSalvo and Eduardo Camargo will still be serving as senators of the current Student Government. They hope to continue advocating for “student first” legislation and will promote bobcat pride.

“Even though we didn’t successfully win this race, Eddie and I will still be in the Senate next year holding the university administration and the new Student Government administration accountable,” Sen. Cody Lee DeSalvo said. “The students have been why we did this and so we want to make sure that their voices continue to be heard.”

In addition to the newly elected President and Vice-President, the Student Government’s updated constitution successfully passed 72.60% voting in favor.

The new administration hopes to keep the promises of change and inclusion.

“We’re going to strive to do everything that we promised and I think at the end of our term you’ll see (the) betterment of our university,” Vice-President-Elect Andrew Florence said. “You’ll see diversity and inclusivity promoted heavily on our campus. I think getting back to our communities is important. I think we’ll see that in different terms.”

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