Infected cats get transported to Austin

Sonia Garcia, News Editor

Felines infected with Panleukopenia virus, a deadly disease in unvaccinated cats that killed 53 felines on June 3, at the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter are delivered to medical personal at Austin Pets Alive!

Animal Control vehicles transported 35 cats and 37 kittens last week to Austin. It was made possible by coordination between the cities of San Marcos and Buda, the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, Precinct 3 Commissioner’s Office, Hays County Office of Emergency Services, the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter and many community wide volunteers.

Carey Morgan, emergency planner for the County’s Office of Emergency Services, said everyone was thankful for APA because other resources the shelter has were unsuitable for ill cats.

According to Precinct 3 Commissioner Lon Shell, the cost for APA! could cost as high as $40,000.

“We can’t thank APA! enough for taking on this additional, costly responsibility,” Shell said. “And it is heartwarming to see all of the various entities involved in animal care in Hays County work together tlp save pets’ lives. This outbreak of feline Panleukopenia virus is truly devastating to us.”

To prevent further spread of the virus, pet owners are encouraged to get their pets completely vaccinated, spayed/ neutered and microchipped. The vaccine-preventable virus, also known as feline parvovirus, is shed by infected cats’ feces and can live up to a year in an environment.

Donations to APA and San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter can be made on their donation pages.

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