Gov. Abbott addresses record high COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sits in a media briefing Friday, April 10, 2020, in the State Capitol. Photo courtesy of Texas governor's office.

Daniella Carrera, News Reporter

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference June 22 to address “record high” COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Texas, reporting Texans should follow the guidelines outlined in the Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas.

Guidelines such as wearing a mask or face covering, avoiding large gatherings of more than 10 individuals, staying at home when possible, disinfecting hands, consistent sanitizing and self-screen for any symptoms of COVID-19 can help reduce the spread of the virus, Abbott said.

Abbott said closing down the state of Texas will be the last option, so to keep everyone safe the guidelines should be followed. According to Abbott, you should not have to choose between a job or health.

Abbott also said the extension to the early voting period—which has now doubled in length beginning June 29 and ending July 10— should reduce the formation of large crowds. Limiting crowds at polling stations combined with wearing masks should reduce exposure to COVID-19, Abbott said.

Abbott said local governments should be flexible when creating measures for limiting the spread of COVID-19. Counties vary in the amount of COVID-19 cases and infection rates, so local governments have to create measures that meet the needs of their community.

If hospitalizations and infection spikes continue, additional measures will be implicated to ensure the safety of Texans, Abbott said.

The University Star will continue to provide COVID-19 updates as any additional information is released.

Individuals concerned about possible exposure to COVID-19 are encouraged to contact their healthcare provider or the Hays County Local Health Department at 512.393.5520. For additional information about COVID-19, visit the Texas Department of State Health Services or the Centers for Disease Control website.

The University Star’s COVID-19 coverage can be found here.

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