Letter to the Editor: Response to “Your DNA is an abomination”

Special to the Star

On 12/5/17, I sent a message to the University Star via their Facebook page and I must take issue with several of their responses.  I found the article written by Rudy Martinez regarding his hatred toward the white race to be despicable and, as a resident of San Marcos, I wanted to express my embarrassment for my city that his vile remarks were made public.  I stated in my message that the First Amendment protects free speech but common decency should be the first consideration before opening your mouth and that it is apparent Mr. Martinez completely lacks any such decency.

In response, their message back to me stated, “While our publication does not endorse every opinion put forth by student columnists or guest contributors, and certainly does not endorse racism or racist views, we take full responsibility for what is published on our pages”.  I believe a decision by the editors to print this filth was an expressed endorsement of the sentiments stated by Mr. Martinez.  A decision was clearly made by those that have the power to approve or veto articles to proceed with the publication.

They further stated, “The editors understood the original intent of the column was to comment on the idea of race and racial identities.  We acknowledge that the column should have been clearer in its message and that it has caused hurt within our campus community”.  I cannot imagine that Mr. Martinez’s message could have been any clearer when he stated, “I hate you because you shouldn’t exist”.  It is impossible to dismiss his intent as being some sort of an intellectual exercise.  It is hate, pure and simple, and the University had a choice to publish or not.

They go on to say, “As a student-led publication, we look at our newsroom as a learning environment, and we understand we may make mistakes in our process of growth in an educational environment”.  I truly have a hard time thinking these young adults have yet to learn that racism, as gleefully exhibited by Mr. Martinez, is not solely particular to the white race.  He must believe, as do the editors, that his brand of racism is acceptable due to his own minority status but he is no less a racist than members of the KKK.

Finally, what would the editorial board do if another student wrote the exact same article replacing every “white” word with “black” or “brown”?  I know the answer…the article would be vetoed, no questions asked.  Why then was it acceptable to print it because it was denigrating to the white race?   Your university leaders, up to and including the President, have done an extreme disservice to the students on campus, the tax payers supporting the university, and the residents of San Marcos by endorsing the publishing of this blatantly racist and divisive opinion piece.  THAT is the real abomination.

Patricia Walker
San Marcos, TX

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