Bobby Conley and Ojai Black: a senior spill


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Basketball season is officially over, and Ojai Black, senior guard, and Bobby Conley, senior guard,  have a lot to say about their teammates, coaches and time spent at Texas State. The two leaders worked together on the court, and built a relationship off the court. During an interview they could not stop making each other laugh.

With their Bobcat careers at an end, the two look back at their time together as seniors on the team, and say farewell.

Although Kavin Gilder-Tilbury, senior forward, wasn’t able to attend the interview, Conley and Black made sure to include him. They said he was a superstar in his own right, but off-court Gilder-Tilbury is a different person.

“He’s kind of weird,” Black said. “He’s mad cool, but at the same time super corny. He overthinks everything.”

Black said Conley was the weird one on the team. Black said it was because he was not from Texas, which did not sit well with Conley.

“Bob is definitely the weirdest, because he just moves different,” Black said. “It has to be because he’s from Ohio. You can tell he’s not from Texas.”

After Conley’s deadly stare faded, they agreed Black was the funniest on the team.

“Ojai is just so loud and obnoxious that it’s funny,” Conley said. “One road trip home last season, he was crumping on the bus until his watch fell off his wrist and broke. It was so funny how mad he was.”

No one wants to share their most embarrassing moments during the season, but since it’s their last year, the two were willing.

Black’s moment came during a game at which he threw up.

“It was the last game and I just threw up,” Black said. “It was in my mouth, so I had to race off the court.”

Conley’s moment was a time he got crossed by an Idaho opponent on their court. The apposing crowd was not kind and Conley was embarrassed.

“I had just received a five-second violation and their crowd was going wild,” Conley said. “I started clapping on defense and the boy made a quick move. I almost slipped and fell in front of everybody.”

The two players had game-day rituals during the season. Conley cut his fingernails before every game, which gave him the title for weirdest ritual on the team.

Senior year is filled with pranks on the underclassmen and wielding seniority over the younger teammates. With these basketball players, it was the opposite. The newbies struck first and have yet to be answered.

“They were messing with our cars, throwing muscle milk and Gatorade on them,” Black said. “We’re going to get them back real soon.”

There is a large number of people associated with the men’s basketball organization, so it was a little difficult for Black and Conley to pick one person they would miss the most.

For Black, it is assistant coach Terrence Johnson, who was more than just a coach to him.

“It was the relationship we had,” Black said. “(He) was someone we just talked to.”

Conley couldn’t choose just one person, so he picked everyone.

Then the seniors had to choose the one person they would vote off a deserted island, and then give a reason.

Conley and Black didn’t want to send their teammates swimming, but agreed head coach Danny Kaspar would probably go first.

“I have to see him swim and overcome some obstacles,” Black said. “He put us through too much. ”Through all the lessons learned, people met and experience gained, both seniors agreed Texas State was the right choice for them.

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