Black Men United forms intramural basketball team

BMU at the Annual Confidence Showcase Pageant Monday, Novemeber 6, 2017

BMU at the Annual Confidence Showcase Pageant Monday, Novemeber 6, 2017.

Photo courtesy of Juwaan Johnson.

Michelle Joseph

While some might think of intramurals as a hobby-sport, one organization has built an intramural team full of dedication and sportsmanship.

Black Men United is a brotherhood-based organization dedicated to the empowerment of black men through dialogue, skill development and service, according to the organization’s website. The BMU Bagg Boyz have been playing intramural basketball since it began on campus.

The team is working to achieve its goals. Tyler Williams, exercise and sports science junior, said they have what it takes to make it to finals.

“I’m looking forward to getting active and playing with my brothers,” Williams said. “I want to win it all and we will do whatever it takes to get there.”

The BMU Bagg Boyz uses strategies and tactics to strike down its opponents. Juwaan Johnson, exercise and sports science junior, said the team will always ball-out regardless.

“We run the ball and play great defense,” Johnson said. “We don’t play selfish isolation basketball, we put up points with fast break and wide open shots.”

Although the team is very confident, there is always room for improvement. Ricky Shorts, exercise and sports science junior, wants the team to always get better after each game.

“As the coach of BMU Bagg Boyz, it is important that the guys have a balance of friendship and sportsmanship,” Shorts said. “We can always joke around but when it’s time to apply pressure we have to be serious.”

Everyone on the team has prior basketball experience which helps their team credentials.

“Last spring, we made it to the final four and went undefeated in a regular season,” Johnson said. “This season has just started so we barely scratched the surface.”

The BMU Bagg Boyz’s hard work has paid off in the past intramural seasons, leaving the team feeling hopeful for future accomplishments.

“We lost our last game, but (there) is honestly no one we fear,” Williams said. “We’re going to bounce back and make it into the playoffs.”

The team is prepared to take down every opponent when it is in games that are close until the end.

“Every time we go out there, we are going to play with the same energy,” Shorts said. “It doesn’t matter who we play, we are going to give them the work.”

The BMU Bagg Boyz have an enjoyable time playing basketball while staying level-headed. Even if other teams play dirty, keeping composure and displaying character is important to them.

“Sometimes students are refs and they don’t call everything,” Williams said. “It’s so easy to receive a technical foul and be kicked out of intramurals sports.”

The team has a promising season to look forward to and the BMU Bagg Boyz is dedicated to becoming the best intramural team on campus.

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