Recognizing Black Excellence

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Recognizing Black Excellence

Photo from Pan African Action Committee's Facebook.

Photo from Pan African Action Committee's Facebook.

Photo from Pan African Action Committee's Facebook.

Photo from Pan African Action Committee's Facebook.

Constunce Brantley

The Pan African Action Committee has been an advocate for change at Texas State since 2016 and has big plans for the upcoming year.

Founder Tafari Roberston created PAAC alongside eight initial members to serve as a student organization that uplifts the community and stands for equality of all individuals.

PAAC’s mission is to react to any events, legislation and actions in such a way that positively impacts students. It has many long-term and short-term goals that aim to better not only the Bobcat community, but the San Marcos community as well.

Chiemezuo Orioha, president of PAAC and political science junior, said the organization has already detailed this semester’s goals.

“The main focus for the semester is to engage students and showcase black culture and excellence during Black Excellence Week, which occurs from March 5-10,” Orioha said.

Nicholas Prejean, vice president of PAAC and mass communications senior, said he is very proud of all the hard work PAAC has done so far this year.

“There are a million other things I could mention like our monthly wake up calls, our work with the Calaboose black history museum in San Marcos and black fest,” Prejean said. “It’s just an exciting time to be in PAAC right now.”

Though PAAC has specific goals for each semester, the organization continually seeks to promote its long-term goals. These include advocating for more black study courses to be offered and urging more black professors to be hired.

Additionally, PAAC supports other efforts on campus such as advocating for the Student Community of Progressive Empowerment’s work to bring an immigration attorney to campus, an on-campus food pantry, to shine light on the community center being built in San Marcos and to bring women’s toiletries to bathrooms across campus.

One of PAAC’s past goals has already been achieved when the multicultural lounge and black students’ resource library, located in Lampasas 500, opened its doors September 2017.

The student committee is dedicated to encouraging social and political action among students. To achieve these missions, the committee votes on which efforts they would like to pursue on campus.

Not only does the student organization work on their goals, but members also make a point to attend events hosted by faculty such as the roundtable discussions hosted by President Trauth, to ensure that staff and faculty are aware of their concerns on campus.

In efforts to implement change, PAAC works closely with Student Government senators to support legislation that the organization believes positively impacts students.

Darrell Antwine, marketing director of PAAC and political science sophomore, said despite being a new member, he is excited to help PAAC formulate new policies to make the university more inclusive.

“I got involved because I felt that more change should happen on campus,” Antwine said.

PAAC hosts meetings every Wednesday 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the multicultural lounge and is open to anyone interested in attending.

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