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Opinion: Understanding why students cheat will help prevent it from happening

Photo credit: Blake Wadley

Toni Mac Crossan

May 27, 2020

Conversations about academic dishonesty are common in the age of online learning; however, the current methods implemented to prevent cheating are ignoring why students cheat in the first place.Instructors' method of teaching has more impact on students' actions in a course than teachers may realize. ...

Opinion: Texas State owes the Class of 2020 an in-person commencement

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Delilah Alvarado

May 25, 2020

Over 6,000 Bobcats looked forward to the day they were supposed to receive their college degrees in person this summer despite the hardships COVID-19 brought to the university community. However, on May 11, President Denise Trauth announced the cancellation of in-person commencement ceremonies for the spring and summer 2020 graduates, placing the final nail in the coffin.Students were tasked ...

Opinion: Instructional assistants deserve more support for distance learning

A computer screen mirroring a Zoom class. The instructor is pointing at the lecture that says

Toni Mac Crossan, Opinion Columnist

May 18, 2020

As difficult as the sudden transition from in-person to distance learning has been for students, Texas State faculty and instructional assistants, or IAs, have been faced with a series of difficult decisions and realities. With very little preparation for this change in format, instructors did not...

Opinion: Hays County’s watersheds are under attack

A road and a murky river with dead fish separated by line down the middle.

Toni Mac Crossan, Opinion Columnist

May 5, 2020

It is undeniable—the Austin area is booming. More people have moved to Travis County and its surrounding area, including Hays County. As populations grow, so must infrastructure, but matters become complicated in ecologically sensitive areas like the one we call home. The Capital Area Metropolit...

Opinion: Texas is reopening its economy too soon

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Delilah Alvarado, Opinion Columnist

May 1, 2020

Gov. Greg Abbott recently announced an executive order outlining plans to reopen Texas in phases starting May 1. The proposed phase one allows certain businesses to open at limited capacity. However, reopening the economy too soon is an irresponsible move that disregards any progress made toward flat...

Opinion: The free-market left America unprepared for a pandemic

A cartoon drawing of a large man in a suit sitting in front of a large cake next to a sulking man.

Jacob Montgomery, Opinion Columnist

April 29, 2020

The real problem for struggling communities, like college students who do not qualify for the stimulus check, is not who is president or who controls Congress, but what their stance is toward America's adherence to for-profit, corporate ideology. The United States did not come to be so blatantly unprepa...

Opinion: We must reframe the conversation about hydroxychloroquine

Three cartoon pills with the words

Toni Mac Crossan, Opinion Columnist

April 28, 2020

When the SARS-CoV-2 virus was first detected in a patient in the United States in January, public health experts and virologists began working on ways to combat it. Since then, there have been breakthroughs and advances in testing, antibody detection and even a potential vaccine. However, as quickly ...

Opinion: Filing for unemployment benefits is useless in Texas

A cartoon drawing of a man in front of an unemployment building.

Delilah Alvarado, Opinion Columnist

April 27, 2020

Local governments were not adequately prepared to deal with such high unemployment rates and their rushed solutions are not solving anything. Applying for unemployment benefits is harder than ever before with constant busy phone lines and confusing qualifications. Filing for unemployment proves useless...

Opinion: Early-release for non-violent prisoners is essential

Stick figures running behind bars.

Delilah Alvarado, Opinion Columnist

April 22, 2020

Despite being incarcerated, prisoners are not exempt from the coronavirus, or COVID-19. Prisoners with non-violent offenses should be released to reduce the spread of the virus and ensure safety within the prison system and the surrounding communities. Health experts have been warning that jails are...

Opinion: To rally against safety is to rally against reason

A faded photo of cartoon protesters holding signs stands behind a bottom border of cartoon knifes and flames.

Laura Nunez, Opinions Editor

April 20, 2020

Social distancing was enforced to protect the nation, not limit American liberty. However, protestors continue to gather across the country, choosing to ignore the number of infections and fatalities being reported and the safety measures required to prevent further catastrophe. Protestors gathered outside the Capitol building in Austin on April 18, demanding that Gov. Greg Abbott reopen Texa...

Opinion: Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against Abbott’s Executive Order ill-timed

An unbalanced, cartoon scale holds the state of Texas on the right and the Planned Parenthood logo on the left in front of a cartoon courthouse.

Amira Van Leeuwen, Assistant Opinions Editor

April 19, 2020

On April 11, Texas Abortion Providers asked the United States Supreme Court to take emergency action to restore essential, time-sensitive medication abortion services while the case proceeds. While Texas Abortion Providers’ intentions are in the right place, they are putting Roe v. Wade at risk of being o...

Satire: Our time to influence has come

A woman is shown filming herself while receiving social media notification, like hearts and likes, from her computer. Ignoring descruction from outside the window.

Laura Nunez, Opinions Editor

April 17, 2020

The art of influencing on social media is undeniably an honorable feat. To take this angle or that, what a dilemma that must be! Now that millions are staying home all day with the capability of sharing their own scandalously simple mirror selfies, a whole career path is on the verge of being interrupted. Life...

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