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John McCain and American unity


Illustration by Haley Prieto | Staff Illustrator

Sen. John McCain delivered a speech after accepting the 2017 Liberty Medal. He spoke with truth and respect by expressing the powerful ideals every American must hold in their patriotic hearts.
It’s not common to see a leader of the Republican Party speak out about American ideals and its prosperity in a positive way.
McCain’s love for America and its citizens radiates throughout his speech. He understands our country has as many flaws as it does virtues. However, he still believes “we are blessed.” Many people take our beautiful country for granted because of dislike for extreme partisanship or the paths our leaders take.
If we took a moment to reflect, we would realize just how fortunate we are to live in America.This is the land of the free. This is the home of the brave. This is the American dream. Yet, Americans do not act as such.
It seems as though patriotism has become a dying way of life in America, but many people still dream of coming here and seeking a better life for themselves and their families.
Meanwhile, generations of spoiled brats sit around the TV, eating their favorite junk foods and complaining about a president they did not vote for.
McCain describes America as the place where anyone can go from “aimless rebellion to a noble cause.” America must begin fighting for a noble cause with unity and patriotism. If the country fails to do so, then we may as well get ready for another civil war, a gender war, a race war or a partisan war. Without unity and coherent ideas, America falls short of what it could be.
McCain discusses the good deeds America achieved during the world wars because of patriotic commitment. By no means was America perfect, and it never will be. McCain reminds us we can continue to better our country together.
America cannot abandon its unity or ideals. This country has progressed and should not backtrack. This calls for a spirit of togetherness and patriotism.
This is easier said than done especially with American’s growing diversity. However, the possibility for unity amidst diversity does exist. We can have it; we just have to want it.
McCain said, “to abandon our ideals … to refuse … our duty to remain the last hope for Earth … is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past.”
We as Americans must leave the past behind and look forward to creating a better future. That does not mean we forget America’s history. We have done too much good and too much bad to forget. Despite everything this country has gone through, the American citizens must band together in order to continue being “the last hope for Earth.”
McCain’s speech was spot-on in every way. Through positivity, a snippet of insulting the president and sheer truth about unity, he got his idea across. The only option now is to get the rest of us to understand how vital unity is to the American future.
If togetherness in America continues to fade, there will be nothing left of this country. America is divided right now, but it has not fully fragmented. If it does, God help us all.
Kaiti Evans is a journalism freshman

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