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Response to “Millennials are destined to change the world.”

Letter to the Editor

April 18, 2017

By K. Brandon Perez, history major This is a response to the March 21 opinions column: “Millennials are destined to change the world.” No other word in the English language brings me more grief than the word millennial. This name, was given to us and first coined by Neil Howe, in his groundbreaking...

Defunding the arts is so passe

Defunding the arts is so passe

John Lee

April 13, 2017

Art is invaluable to our society, because it provides an outlet for expression and gives opportunities to create something worth celebrating. With Donald Trump as president, this could be taken away. Recently, Trump proposed a budget to Congress to eliminate several government run entities, including...

Missing DC girls are victims being treated as runaways

May Olvera

April 11, 2017

To some, Washington is a city of extravagance housing a thirst for political influence. However, to many young women, it is a marble wasteland built from their worst nightmares. Sadly, what divides these two groups is, in many cases, race. In March, an image on Twitter claiming in the span of 24 hours fourteen young black gi...

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