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Class performs acts of kindness lifting spirits during pandemic

a laptop with two women dancing on screen

Brianna Benitez, Assistant Life and Arts Editor

April 14, 2020

In an effort to bring forth rays of positivity to those overwhelmed and impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19, students found a way to spread joy to others through the creative freedom of a class assignment. The assignment is known as "Spread Joy Not Coronavirus" and was created by Department of...

COVID-19 outbreak challenges Texas State art community’s success

Hayley McGaugh working on a ceramic sculpture inside the ceramics studio. McGaugh is painting blue lines on the bottom of the sculpture. The work space is surrounded by ceramic tools and paint brushes.

Brianna Benitez, Assistant Life and Arts Editor

April 4, 2020

Usually wandering the halls and studios of Texas State’s Joann Cole Mitte building are creative minds and colorful palettes. For many students, this is the place where they are able to create freely while surrounded by encouragement and inspiration. Since online classes have become a reality,...

Student organization provides a haven for transgender community

Members of Transcend pose for a photo after their weekly meeting Feb. 20, 2020, in the LBJ Student Center.

Ivy Sandoval, Life and Arts Reporter

March 18, 2020

Finding a place that feels like home on campus can be tough sometimes. For members of the LGBTQ+ community, Transcend may just be their safe haven. Transcend is the first trans-specific student organization at a public Texas university. Many other organizations around Texas are for LGBTQ+ and queer...

Colorful murals take over city traffic boxes

A traffic box decorated with a face, Thursday, March 5, 2020, on the corner of Sessom and N. LBJ.

Brianna Benitez, Assistant Life and Arts Editor

March 17, 2020

San Marcos intersections are getting a makeover. What are now plain, metal traffic control boxes will soon be transformed into colorful artwork that is bound to make traffic jams more tolerable. San Marcos announced a contest for the city's Traffic Control Box Art program December 2019. The contest...

Texas State organization bridges the gap of minorities in geography studies

SWIG members at a fall semester social clean up trash around the San Marcos area.

Madyson Sanchez, Life and Arts Reporter

March 4, 2020

Across the U.S., geography continues to be a male-dominated study; however, Texas State students are making efforts to a more gender-inclusive and accessible field for all. Supporting Women in Geography is an organization that uplifts women and other minorities in geography studies and careers. SWIG chapters acro...

Upcycling saves environment one fashion piece at a time

a rack of clothes sitting outside Vagabond

Trinity Dayton, Life and Arts Reporter

February 27, 2020

As the gray, dreary days of winter slowly morph into a sunshine-filled spring, old sweaters can be transformed into upcycled pieces, saving money and the environment. Upcycling is a creative way to convert items into completely new products and prevent the excessive use of material. According to the U.S. Enviro...

Alumnus Cory Moore visits to speak about J&M Jewelry

Owner of J&M Jewelry, Cory Moore, with his wife, Michelle Gabay-Moore at the Houston Customer Appreciation Event standing in front of the J&M Jewelry premiere backdrop.

Mia Estrada, Life and Arts Reporter

February 23, 2020

A trip to Israel helped launch the unlikely entrepreneurial journey of one Texas State alumnus. Cory Moore, Texas State alumnus, had the opportunity to travel to Israel his senior year where he met the owners of a jewelry company that would later become J&M Jewelry. Moore became the domestic partner...

Senior residents celebrate Valentine’s Day with annual Sweetheart’s Ball

Golden sweethearts ball.

Abby Gutierrez, Life and Arts Reporter

February 21, 2020

As the song “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” played in the background, the couples began tapping to the beat of their own drum. For some, it had been years since they had been able to enjoy themselves on the dance floor. The couples glided along the dance floor. The men twirled their partners...

DAISY Award honors RN for compassionate care

Nursing education team.

Abby Gutierrez

February 19, 2020

It was the third time he had hit the call button in the past five minutes. Finally, a nurse hurried in ready to assist a man who had been told he only had days to live. “Can you just move that fork and just leave it right there,” the man said. “Yeah, thanks.” A few minutes later, h...

Valentine’s mailbox opens in Kissing Alley

Madyson Sanchez and Laura Figi

February 12, 2020

Tucked away on Kissing Alley sits a red mailbox decorated with hearts and filled with letters of love. The mailbox is part of San Marcos's annual "Love Letters from Downtown" campaign. This week marks the last chance to send out a Valentine's Day letter from the mailbox on Kissing Alley. Once your...

Texas State alumni to take on Amazon

Manzanera standing with sunglasses on in front of the set, surrounded by ladders, lights and equipment.

Ivy Sandoval, Life and Arts Reporter

February 12, 2020

In a digital era of streaming and binge-watching, people are always looking for new shows. Two Texas State alumni will soon have a new show coming to Amazon Prime Originals. Texas State alumni Shane Scott and César Manzanera took on to direct the 8-episode project, "Father Militant." The action thriller...

Valentine’s dates for every type of love

Valentines day illustration.

Laura Figi, Life and Arts Editor

February 12, 2020

No matter your relationship status, take the time to enjoy yourself this Valentine’s Day. From the extravagant to the lowkey, the couples to the single and proud, there are plenty of ways to celebrate cupid’s birthday in San Marcos and support small business while you’re at it! For the classic va...

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