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COVID-19 outbreak challenges Texas State art community’s success

Hayley McGaugh working on a ceramic sculpture inside the ceramics studio. McGaugh is painting blue lines on the bottom of the sculpture. The work space is surrounded by ceramic tools and paint brushes.

Brianna Benitez, Assistant Life and Arts Editor

April 4, 2020

Usually wandering the halls and studios of Texas State’s Joann Cole Mitte building are creative minds and colorful palettes. For many students, this is the place where they are able to create freely while surrounded by encouragement and inspiration. Since online classes have become a reality,...

Local artist awakes ‘Intuition’ at The Gallery of Common Experience

Brianna Benitez, Life and Arts Assistant Editor

November 14, 2019

A carton of milk, flowers and naked bodies layer together to unfold the creativity of The University of Texas at Austin alumna, Maddie Mondshine, in the new exhibit "Intuition." Mondshine graduated from UT with a BFA in studio art and a bridging discipline in media, cultural and identity studies in M...

New website builds community around pursuing passion

Perez and Castro sit at booth and smile at each other.

Kyle Chitwood, Life and Arts Reporter

August 27, 2019

New website Wezmer features local artists specializing in all mediums and was founded on the idea of developing a supportive community around the aspirations of each artist featured on the website. Mass communication senior Christina Castro and Adrian Perez co-founded and launched Wezmer June 2019. What ...

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