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How We’re Funded

The University Star is supported by a combination of student service fee funds, advertising revenue, merchandise sales, event tickets and donations.

The University Star receives $111,556 from the Student Service Fee, which is collected from Texas State students each term as part of student fees. This fee funds activities that involve or directly benefit students that are separate and apart from regularly scheduled academic functions. This includes student government, student cultural activities, artist & lecture series, The University Star, KTSW radio, and student programming (such as Career Services and the Counseling Center). The fee is $10 per semester credit hour (SCH) up to a maximum of $90 per semester. The total amount collected from students each academic year is around $7 million. The University Star’s portion of this is about 1.6%.

The student service fee funds are used to pay small stipends for editors, website hosting fees, app hosting fees, student travel for conferences and printing costs.

The rest of our $250,000 budget must be earned through the sale of advertising, merchandise, event tickets or donations. The revenue account pays the salaries and benefits of our full-time staff and our maintenance and operational costs. There is no budgeted financial support from any campus department for The University Star.


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How We’re Funded