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An October 3, 2017, article by Shayan Faradineh, Las Vegas shooter opens fire at music festival, has been updated to say “Las Vegas shooter opens fire at music festival,” instead of “Deadliest massacre in US History.”

An April 30, 2017, article by Katie Burrell, Taylor family files lawsuit, has been updated to say “The lawsuit was filed March 21 by the Taylor family,” instead of “The lawsuit was filed March 31 by the Taylor family.”

July 18, 2016, article by JeriLynn Thorpe, Black Lives Matter marches through San Marcos for peace, incorrectly quoted Skyller Walkes. The article initially said “prawns” and has since been updated to the correct “pawns”.

A May 10, 2016, article by Brigeda Hernandez, Don’t Rush Campaign encourages alternative transportation, initially stated that the Capital Area Rural Transportation System would be offering rides “Saturday, May 11,” the story has since be updated to reflect that May 11 was on Wednesday.

An April 26, 2016, article by Kier Rouse, What’s next: Baseball, stated that the Texas State Baseball team was scheduled to play a tripler-header tournament against Troy when it was actually a three-game series against Troy. The story has since been corrected. 

An April 21, 2016, article by Brigeda Hernandez, Controversial Lindsey Hill development awaits decision from city, stated that the San Marcos City Council would make a decision on the Lindsey Hill development on May 3. Currently there is no specified set date for the City Council decision, because developers pulled it after being shut down at the Planning and Zoning Commission.

A March 31, 2016, article by Rae Glassford, University officials prepare for increase of freshman, record-breaking class, stated that the incoming freshman class would see an increase of students by 14.7%. That number reflects the number of students accepted. The students expected to attend is only projected to increase by 1.5 to 2 percent. The story has since been updated to reflect these number accurately.

A March 24, 2016, article by Lesly De Leon, Students to receive $678,000 in Texas grants, stated that university officials received $25 million in Texas grants for students. University officials actually received $678,000 in reallocated funds for the 2015-2015 academic year.

March 01, 2016, article by Bailey Buckingham, Student Government meeting adjourns early, spelled senator Mason McKie’s name as Mckee and Cutter Gonzalez’s name as Gonzales. The article has since been updated with the correct spelling of their names, McKie and Gonzalez, respectively.

Nov. 09, 2015, article by Autumn Wright, Director of LBJSC talks about tuition fee increase proposal, stated that the student center fee proposal increase might affect students’ financial aid. The cost will not have any effect on students’ financial aid.

The article also stated that Student Government will vote on the proposal on Feb. 22-26 of next semester. The voting for the referendum will take place on those dates.

A paraphrased quote from Jack Rahmann, LBJ Student Center director, said that the student center fee funds 70 percent of maintenance in LBJSC. The fee funds 70 percent of the operating and program budget of the LBJSC and includes salaries, utilities, marketing, custodial and student programming.

Another quote from Rahmann stated that university officials are looking to potentially expand the building above the amphitheater into a multicultural lodge. Officials are considering expanding the area into a multicultural lounge.

Rahmann is paraphrased as saying he does not want to raise any tuition fee. The proposal he presented to Student Government was to raise the LBJ Student Center fee to fund expansion, not the tuition fee.

An Oct. 30, 2015, article by Louis Zylka, Dia de los Muertos celebration fosters creativity on campus, has been corrected to refer to performing group as Grupo Pakal and where they are from, correct the spelling of indigenous, who organized the performance, and the name of Sergio Leon.

An Oct. 15, 2015, article by Darcy Sprague, Texas State faculty discuss campus carry, has been corrected to refer to Farzan Irani as she and Scott Bowman as he.

An Oct. 13, 2015 article by Exsar Arguello, Candidates indulge in fourth debate of campaign season, stated that Melissa Derrick is “actively against rent-by-the-bedroom student housing.” Derrick is against this form of lodging in single family neighborhoods.

The article also paraphrased Derrick’s statement that the lack of parking stickers in rent-by-the-bedroom complexes leads to visitors’ vehicles taking up space in residential areas. Derrick clarified that the lack of stickers required leads to visitors taking up space

An Oct. 12, 2015, article by Kasandra Garza, Delivery service launch puts companies in competition, reported that Favor stopped services at 10 p.m. Favor has since extended their hours to continue service until midnight.

An Oct. 8, 2015, story by Darcy Sprague and Exsar Arguello, Annual city council debate brings heated discussion, the quote “Developments don’t go away. Once they are here, they are on the ground for generations. It’s important that we protect our environment and our past council did not do that,” was originally attributed to Frank T. Arrendondo. It has since been corrected to be attributed to Scott Gregson. The story also incorrectly stated the early voting time began the 23rd. Early voting runs from the 19th to 30th of Oct. and early voting on campus runs from the 27th to 29th of Oct.

A Sept. 16, 2015, article by Lexy Garcia, “City council candidate Melissa Derrick visits College Democrats meeting,” initially said that Derrick values gentrification. Derrick reached out to us to clarify her stance and the article now reads: “Derrick said gentrification is an issue she continues to combat…”

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