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Opinion: To rally against safety is to rally against reason

A faded photo of cartoon protesters holding signs stands behind a bottom border of cartoon knifes and flames.

Laura Nunez, Opinions Editor

April 20, 2020

Social distancing was enforced to protect the nation, not limit American liberty. However, protestors continue to gather across the country, choosing to ignore the number of infections and fatalities being reported and the safety measures required to prevent further catastrophe. Protestors gathered outside the Capitol building in Austin on April 18, demanding that Gov. Greg Abbott reopen Texa...

Satire: Our time to influence has come

A woman is shown filming herself while receiving social media notification, like hearts and likes, from her computer. Ignoring descruction from outside the window.

Laura Nunez, Opinions Editor

April 17, 2020

The art of influencing on social media is undeniably an honorable feat. To take this angle or that, what a dilemma that must be! Now that millions are staying home all day with the capability of sharing their own scandalously simple mirror selfies, a whole career path is on the verge of being interrupted. Life...

Opinion: COVID-19 is also a subconscious epidemic

Gloomy while stuck at home.

Laura Nunez, Opinions Editor

April 3, 2020

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is more than just a physical threat to society, it is a mental one too. The nation received the order from experts to social distance and that reality poses a serious threat to mental health. Students who rely on the busy environment of in-person schooling and work responsibilities are i...

The University Seminar is a waste of time

The University Seminar is a waste of time

Laura Nunez

November 12, 2019

The required University Seminar course is unorganized and needs to focus on creating a more strict and uniform way of delivering a true common experience to all incoming students. Each year, university staff selects a new theme to dissect within the Common Experience program and chooses an accompany...

Only black people are allowed to say the N-Word

Only black people are allowed to say the N-Word

Laura Nunez

November 6, 2019

The ability to withhold from being racist, insensitive and plain ignorant should be self-explanatory, but unfortunately, racism is ever-prevalent in 2019. The n-word continues to be used by non-black people, which is unacceptable. The word's usage has never been encouraged, but obviously a refresher co...

Astrology is a scam

Photo credit: Jaden Edison

Laura Nunez

October 22, 2019

Astrology is a fabricated ideology created to reassure humanity of their feelings and actions. Horoscopes have managed to stay relevant for thousands of years because society thrives off justifying an imaginary language translated by people with too much time on their hands. The world of astrology has consu...

BYOB, bring your own bags

an illustrated reusable bag.

Laura Nunez

October 8, 2019

Texas State boasts an established, environmentally friendly atmosphere even though the university aids in the distribution of single-use plastic bags. Wasteful plastic and eco-friendly do not mesh well. The university and the City of San Marcos should establish a ban on single-use plastic bags.Single-use plastic b...

Be smart and stop vaping

an illustrated e-cigarette inside of a coffin.

Laura Nunez

October 1, 2019

Society has reached the detrimental point of risking it all for a puff of watermelon-flavored vapor. Electronic cigarettes are a professionally photoshopped version of cigarettes that have managed to convince the world they were harmless. Students should not succumb to the e-cigarette craze but instead...

Elevators are a luxury, not a necessity

An illustration of an elevator with police tape that reads

Laura Nunez, Opinion Columnist

September 17, 2019

Texas State has become so overpopulated even the elevators are not worth waiting for causing inconvenience for those that require the resource. For the betterment of the campus system, the elevators need to be used only by faculty, staff and students with disabilities. Class does not start without...

Campus delivery encourages users to be lazy and antisocial

An illustrated grocery bag filled being delivered through a computer screen.

Laura Nunez, Opinion Columnist

September 5, 2019

College students commonly find themselves described as cheap, lazy and entitled. The reality is numerous assumptions contribute to this opinion. The recent rise in instant delivery and ride services further enable dependent and sedentary lifestyles that commonly receive criticism. A student’s life ...

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