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Colleges are not indoctrinating students to be more liberal

University illustration

Carissa Liz Castillo

November 15, 2018

Many conservative activists claim universities and colleges around the nation are too politically liberal. Many conservatives on college campuses, Texas State included, feel that they are outnumbered, marginalized and oppressed because of their colleges’ “leftist” ideals. Conservative politica...

Texas State is failing in its Hispanic Serving Institution designation

Carissa Liz Castillo

November 12, 2018

The U.S. Department of Education defines a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) as an institution of higher education with a Hispanic student population of at least 25 percent for undergraduate, full-time-equivalent students. Only 15 percent of higher educational institutions in the US are HSIs, yet these HSIs are ...

School syllabi underrepresent voices of women, people of color

Syllabus illustration

Carissa Liz Castillo

October 24, 2018

For some students, benefits of going to college include broadened mental horizons and an expanded worldview. As a facilitator of the process, Texas State aims to create well-rounded individuals by having a General Education Core Curriculum, which requires students to take courses from a wide variety of subje...

Texas State can do more for students ignored by financial aid

Texas State offers some solutions to this crisis, but those solutions are not sufficient or inclusive enough. More aid should be available to help the population of our student body who is hurt by the gap created through financial aid.

Carissa Liz Castillo

September 18, 2018

A major stress for college students and their families is figuring out how they will pay for college and its sizable price tag. With the rising cost of education in Texas, many students fall into a sort of “financial aid gap.” What this means is that their families make too much for financial aid, but not ...

Texas State students’ takeover of San Marcos is gentrification

What students should be reminded of this coming school year is most of us are guests to San Marcos and should treat this community with respect.

Carissa Liz Castillo

September 11, 2018

Every fall, a new batch of freshmen and transfer students make their way to Texas State and begin to call San Marcos their new home. Returning students are also making their way back into the San Marcos scene, in addition to longtime residents who work, live and raise their families without any c...

Alcoholism in college students remains an important issue

An illustration featuring alcohol at a party and at a therapy meeting.

Carissa Liz Castillo

July 11, 2018

Alcohol is a frequent issue within college communities. It can be found at most house parties and almost every night out on The Square. Texas State is widely viewed as a “party school,” and that is a moniker many students are proud to uphold. The difference between alcohol and other drugs is that,...

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