Gov. Abbott announces new openings under phase II

Gov. Abbott

POOL Coverage, Governor's office.

Daniel Weeks, News Editor

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a proclamation adding additional services and activities that can open under Texas’s phase II of reopening.

The services include: water parks, recreational sport programs for adults, driver education programs and food court dining areas within shopping malls.

Beginning May 29, water parks can open at 25% capacity. Components of the parks with video arcades must remain closed. Starting May 31, recreational sports programs for adults can resume, but games and competitions cannot begin until June 15.

Driver education programs can resume immediately. Food court dining areas in shopping malls can also immediately resume operations, but malls are encouraged to designate an individual for ensuring health and safety practices are followed. These practices include: limiting tables to six individuals, maintaining a six-feet distance between individuals sitting at different tables, cleaning and disinfecting tables between uses and ensuring no condiments or other items are left on tables between customer uses.

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