Letter to the Editor: Concerned parent with unanswered questions

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Nora Perez

I have two children attending Texas State. One of which lives in the dorms and the other one has an apartment nearby the university. Aside from the concerns of a roommate getting or being sick, my concerns are with my children’s safety as they change classes, referring to the disinfecting of the classroom, especially knowing they will have classrooms of more than 200 people.

My biggest concern right now is COVID-19 numbers continue to rise on a daily basis in Hays County and with this I worry my two children at Texas State will be in danger.

I just read right now in The University Star that an Amazon warehouse in San Marcos had employees testing positive for COVID-19, now I don’t know if their students or their family members is a student at Texas State but this concerns me. We were in San Marcos yesterday because my child needed some items from the apartment that we needed to go pick up. We traveled five hours to get there, my kids don’t feel safe going back and of course they don’t want to be alone all summer, so we have them here at home with us. While we were in San Marcos we went into Walmart there and I’d say about 75% of the people in there were not wearing masks, were not taking precautions and they see us with a mask and they act as though we are people with COVID-19 traveling to “attack” them with the virus or something.

Regarding the email from President Trauth on fall semester precautions and sanitary disinfecting of the classes, ten minutes is not enough time to disinfect a class of 200.  Will Texas State be testing all students upon their return? What are your plans for fall when the school is open and the students start coming in and we don’t know who’s been around who? We won’t know if someone had a family member with COVID-19 and they’re still either ill or in the process of recuperation how will you take care of my children? Your students????

Texas State Parent

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