Senior says goodbye after four years


Courtesy of Jakob Rodriguez

(Left to right) Carrington Tatum, Jakob Rodriguez and Sawyer Click hug for a photo, fall 2018, in The University Star's newsroom. Jakob spent all four of his years at Texas State as a member of The Star. He was at the forefront of every important development throughout his time, occupying roles as a reporter, assistant editor, section editor and editor-in-chief. His leadership and skillset changed the culture of The Star; he graduates as one of our most beloved and talented journalists ever.

Jakob Rodriguez, Star Alumnus, Class of 2020

Editor’s Note: “-30-” has traditionally been used throughout journalism to indicate the end of a story. The Star calls upon its graduating seniors to write a Senior 30—a farewell piece to our readers—indicating the conclusion of a journalist’s time as an active member of our organization/publication.

Four years ago, I walked into the Trinity building feeling homesick, thinking I made a big mistake coming to school away from my family and friends. Instead of dropping out or transferring, I joined student media.

There are a lot of things I can say about my time at The Star and the people I spent that time with, but what I find myself repeating is the fact that I was so lucky to have done it all.

Student media has taken me across the country and state, put me in the mix with professional journalists across mediums and managed to become my ultimate outlet and stressor.

To the editors I had who were more than patient, thank you. To the reporters who trusted me with their stories, thank you. To my advisers, mentors and friends I met along the way, thank you.

I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Defend the First Amendment ‘til the very end.

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