Stars of San Marcos 2020 Winners

You voted. Now it’s time to see the winners. Scroll over the images below to view the categories, and click for the whole story.

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Best Taco: Santi’s Tacos
Best Tattoo Shop: Classic Tattoo
Best Bar: Zelick’s Icehouse
Best Hiking Trail: Purgatory Creek
Best Patio: Ivar’s River Pub
Best Burger: Taproom
Best Barbecue: Kent Black’s
Best Sandwich: Alvin Ord’s
Best Coffee: Mochas and Javas
Best Sweet Shop: Rhea’s Ice Cream
Best Boutique: Pitaya
Best Apartment Complex: CastleRock
Best Pizza: Gumby’s
Best Sushi: Kobe Japanese Steakhouse
Best Smoke Shop: Connoisseur Smoke Shop
Best Music Scene: The Marc
Best Thrift Store: Uptown Cheapskate
Best Vegetarian: Earth Burger
Best Workout Facility: Student Recreation Center
Best Tube Rental: Texas State Tubes

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