Students start petition to close campus after learning of the self-quarantine of Texas State students and professor


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A petition was started on organization site, Change, to cancel classes for two weeks due to coronavirus concerns.

Sonia Garcia, Managing Editor

A petition to cancel classes for two weeks due to the coronavirus is circulating social media due to coronavirus concerns.

After The University Star reported on the self-quarantine of nine students and one professor, as well as the university preparing for the possibility of cancelling in-person classes, a petition was posted on the organization, Change.

Khan Le, exercise and sports science senior, started the petition around 11 p.m. March 9. The petition almost reached the goal of 1,500 signees in just an hour and has reached the adjusted goal of 2,500 before 12:30 a.m. March 10. The goal has been adjusted to 5,000 signees with growing numbers.

The petition states that campus should be closed for two weeks (the virus’s incubation period) after spring break in reaction to the imminent danger of the coronavirus.

“By keeping students and staffers off campus for 2 weeks after break, they can effectively quarantine themselves at home in the event that they start showing symptoms of the virus without fear of being penalized for missing classes or getting behind on work,” the petition states. “In addition, the 2 week suspension in return to campus will prevent those who show delayed symptoms of the virus from spreading it to other people, especially those living in dorms and off-campus apartments where the spread of germs and airborne particles is heightened.”

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