(Podcast) The Block: Conversation with Richmond Kingsford

Jaden Edison, Multimedia Editor

The Oxford dictionary defines vague as uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning, but there is nothing unclear about the rising success of fashion designer and VAGUE LLC clothing founder Richmond Kingsford.

“Where VAGUE is now is where I envisioned it to be in high school,” Kingsford said. “I can see it really just being global and expanding not just from clothing but to, like, house wear, furniture even, or just, like, cups or just the most mundane things.”

However, Kingsford’s love for fashion and his brand is everything opposite of dull.

Jaden Edison
Richmond Kingsford in his VAGUE apparel.

Growing up, he would always see people similar to him — black and creative — making waves in the clothing game, and it inspired him.

“If I wouldn’t have seen people like Samuel Ross, Virgil Abloh or even (Kanye West) doing things in fashion, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.”

He is far from finished.

In the immediate future, Kingsford’s plan is to create more clothes, and find new designs and concepts. 

Tune in to this episode of The Block to hear Kingsford discuss VAGUE, black clothing brands, respect vs. cultural appropriation, generational wealth and success and more:

Hosted by Jaden Edison

Edited by Jaden Edison

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