Star Explains: Viral video of horse on the square

Jakob Rodriguez, Editor-In-Chief

Editor’s note: In no way is this article meant to promote the use of animals as a means of transportation in the downtown square area of San Marcos.

Video circulated online by @BarstoolTXST of a horse on the downtown square left many viewers asking the same question: Can you legally have a horse downtown?


The video of a cowboy and horse duo pulling up to Mayloo’s Bar, 138 N LBJ Dr #5620, San Marcos, TX 78666, circulated across multiple platforms over the weekend. City of San Marcos communications specialist Rebecca Beahan stated that “as long as the horse is not in the right-of-way, is safe, is attended to by the owner and is not a danger to the public, it is and has historically been ‘ok’ to have a horse within city limits.”

The following city ordinances indicate when and how to legally have a horse within the city limits of San Marcos:

  • Sec. 6.011

“It shall be unlawful for any person to tie or tether a dog or other animal to a stationary object for a period of time or in a location so as to create an unhealthy situation for the animal or a potentially dangerous situation for a pedestrian as determined by the animal control officer.  The terms ‘unhealthy situation’ and ‘potentially dangerous situation’ shall include, but not be limited to the following:

To tether (any) animal in such a manner as to permit the animal access upon any public right-of-way;

To tether any animal in such a manner as to cause the animal injury or pain or not permit the animal to reach shelter, food or water or otherwise create an unsafe or unhealthy situation; . . .

5) To tether any animal in a manner whereby the animal is subject to harassment, stings or bites from outdoor insects, or attacks by other animals;

7) To tether any animal with a tether that is not equipped with swivel ends;”

  • Sec. 6.076

“It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to allow an estray(s) to be unattended upon any public street, alley, thoroughfare or upon the property of another in the corporate city limits of San Marcos. . . .

As always, you should exercise caution and treat all animals with respect and ensure that you and your partner stay out of the hoosegow. Cowboy up with caution! 

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