Student Government election board reinstated


Sandra Sadek

The student body president and vice president elections are set for Feb.17-20.

Gabriella Ybarra, News Reporter

Three new members were elected onto the student government election board following mass resignations last week, effectively putting the Feb. 17 elections back on schedule.

Student Government President Corey Benbow read the mass resignation letter during the Feb. 4 meeting. According to the letter, election board members resigned because student government was “the most toxic and corrupt place to work”, also citing they were urged not to attend class or celebrate religious events that would detract from student government.

As Student Government is unable to proceed with elections without an election board, the resignations had Bebow scrambling for ways to avoid any possible delay.

During the president’s report, Benbow expressed his disdain for the actions of a few members within the senate.

“I found myself questioning if this was a student organization that I wanted to be a part of,” Benbow said.

Nicholas Scholz, Alison Castillo and Jaylon Douglas were elected onto the board, each with a unanimous vote.

Last on the agenda, was the presenting of articles of impeachment against Senator At-Large Colton Halter for violations of the Student Government Code of Ethics.

The articles come after Halter engaged in written attacks on Twitter which included wishing “#DeathToAmerica”, calling for the “canceling” of white people and making offensive comments about Gov. Gregg Abbot regarding his disability.

According to the articles, Halter violated three sections within the code of ethics, they included opposing all forms of discrimination and harassment, being compassionate, benevolent and fair, and being respectful and exemplifying the principles of servant leadership when speaking with constituents

Discussions on the articles are expected to continue during the upcoming meetings.

Student Government meetings are open to the public and are held every Monday at 7 p.m. in the LBJ Teaching Theater. The meeting agenda and resolutions can be found on the Student Government website.

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