Gumby’s approved to sell alcohol

Alcohol sign up against Gumby

Michael Garcia

Gumby's is now allowed to sell alcohol in the restaurant.

Michael Garcia, News Reporter

Gumby’s owners share excitement after the Planning and Zoning Commission approved the selling of alcohol at their restaurant.

Adam and Forest Higdon, co-owners of Gumby’s, had been fighting for a conditional use permit, or C.U.P., which would allow Gumby’s to sell alcohol, since 2016. So when the commission finally granted them a C.U.P. Tuesday night, cheers where heard outside the City Council Chambers.

Adam Higdon explained to the commission how much Gumby’s tries to be involved in the community, like assisting in river cleanups, the Mermaid festival and the Women’s shelter.

“I’m just here to express how much a difference something like this C.U.P. can make for a company like ours who’s constantly trying to stay here against all kinds of chains and massive people with all kinds of help,” Adam said.

Most neighbors at the meeting expressed their love for the local business, stating that Gumby’s were good neighbors. Only one local shared concern over the decision to grant the C.U.P., San Marcos resident William Agnew, was concerned for the Texas State girls at the sorority house located near the restaurant.

“Gumby’s is only a few yards from a sorority house and is separated by only a drive-way,” Agnew said. “The danger to the girls from inebriated customers from Gumby’s is obvious.”

Gumby’s is allowed the C.U.P. under the following conditions: the permit shall be valid for one year, provided standards are met; the permit shall be posted in the same area and manner as the Certificate of Occupancy; live music shall not be allowed outdoors or in any unconditioned areas, and the applicant shall not apply for a Late Hours TABC permit.

The Planning and Zoning commission meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6 p.m. in City Hall.

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