City council denies conditional use permit for student housing development


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Michael Garcia, News Reporter

Residents raised concerns when city council was expected to vote on the request for a Conditional Use Permit for a Purpose Built Student Housing Development. Locals had voiced their opinions that the development was not a solution for affordable housing and even referenced the Iconic Village fire, which occurred last year.

San Marcos City Council voted unanimously against the authorization to the property located at West San Antonio Street and West MLK Drive. The property owners were not present at the city council meeting to make a rebuttal but left a message that they were not withdrawing from their authorization of the development and wanted to move forward with the authorization.

The property is zone c5d, which means they are allowed to develop traditional multi-family housing with a limitation of three bedrooms. Property management would have to show it is not meeting traditional student housing standards.

City council fears that the property owners would ignore this and develop a multi-family housing that mimics student housing and urged for all staff members to work closely on that project to make sure that it is up to code and that property owners adhere any advice that the fire department gives to them.

City council also approved of the development of nine residential condominium units near Purgatory Creek. This item in the agenda received a lot of positive feedback from residents. Many approved of the affordable housing that it would create. Some of the positives were that it doesn’t tear down any historical sights and encourages small business ownership. The proposed property would not to have any negative impacts to single family neighborhoods.

City Council holds meetings twice a month on Tuesday’s at 6 p.m.

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