Vie Lofts evacuation order lifted


Jaden Edison

162 occupants of the Vie Lofts apartments in San Marcos evacuated the building Sept. 20 due to safety concerns.

Sonia Garcia, News Editor

Evacuation order for Vie Lofts is lifted at 5:10 p.m. today, and a portion of the building was issued a temporary certificate of occupancy. Residents of Vie Lofts are to be contacted by management to move-in.

After the mandatory evacuation of Vie Lofts due to safety concerns of the cracking walls in the parking garage and stairwells, San Marcos city officials hired third party forensic engineering firm, Unified Building Sciences & Engineering Inc. of Richardson, Texas, to inspect the overall structural damage of the building and provide an independent report for the structural damage present in stairwell A. UBSE’s written report to the city determined that the overall building is not damaged or distressed, but levels B2 and B3 of Stairwell A must be demolished and reconstructed.

The owners of Vie Lofts were advised and subsequently submitted a Life Safety Plan, addressing all immediate life safety hazards, and upon approval of inspection, the building could be occupied.

“All immediate life safety hazards as identified by our city team have been addressed and repaired,” said Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner. “All fire safety systems have passed inspection, as well as the elevator being back in operation and having increased safety measures in place for its use. We’ve worked cooperatively with Vie Lofts ownership and appreciate their diligent efforts to provide a safe place for residents to return.”

The demolition and repairs to Stairwell A will be come after the competition of the owners application and issuance of permits. They will also complete remodel work of the clubhouse, fitness and study areas that had been started without a permit.

The City of San Marcos expresses its heartfelt thanks to the residents and their families for their cooperation and patience during this past week as we worked to make sure safety was priority.




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