Hays County Commissioners Court establishes Hispanic Heritage Month


Daniel Weeks

Photograph taken following the adoption of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Daniel Weeks, News Reporter

The Hays County Commissioners Court declared a timeframe for Hispanic Heritage Month among other announcements on Sept. 17.

Primarily, the court proclaimed Sept. 15- Oct. 15 the established time period for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as declaring Sept. 16 “Diez Y Seis Day” in Hays County.

Diez Y Seis Day operates as a celebration of Mexico’s independence gained in 1821 and marks the beginning of the nationwide Hispanic Heritage Month. The approval of these two declarations was followed by a group photo and a short speech from Roland Saucedo from the San Marcos Neighborhood Commission.

A Texas State student representing Professor Gloria Martinez gave a power point presentation regarding Census 2020. The presentation calls for a partnership between the commissioners court and the university to spread awareness of the once a decade census that aims to count all residents of the United States.

Posters and banners will be utilized to spread the word of the event, increasing accuracy in the many “Hard to Count” areas in the state. Since Hays County heads the direction of the Complete Count Committees, a committee that represents all the cities within the Hays-Caldwell counties, the Texas State representative called for organization and cooperation.

Additionally, the commissioner of Precinct 1 Debbie Ingalsbe’s office was authorized to support the Rodriguez Elementary fundraiser for meals, shoes and clothing for the several students living in financial crises. Funds were also allocated to the purchase of Hazmat sensors and supplies for the Office of Emergency Services, sensors that detect chlorine and ammonia.

The Hays County Commissioners Court meets every Tuesday at 9 a.m. in the County Courthouse.

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