Bobcat Village welcomes new live-in security guard


Jaden Edison

Caleb Hues reflects on life as the new live-in guard April 9 at the Bobcat Village student apartments. Photo by Jaden Edison

Aaron Peralta

Newest Bobcat Village security guard comes with military experience.

Caleb Hughes took his post for the first time at Bobcat Village in March. As the Village’s newest live-in guard, he has the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of students. Though new to Bobcat Village, Hughes is no stranger to security or San Marcos.

Hughes strives to be a strong presence around the complex not only as a guard but as a friendly influence on residents. As part of his responsibility, Hughes patrols around campus but largely keeps his focus on Bobcat Village working as UPD’s eyes and ears around the area.

“I am always around the clock watching for anything even off shift; I try to be involved with the students so they are aware I am there for them for anything,” Hughes said.

Though there are a number of security officers employed by Texas State, there is only one Bobcat Village residential guard. According to Hughes, there is a personal stake when it comes to the safekeeping of Bobcat Village.

Originally from New Hampshire, Hughes and his family began moving across the country since he was five years old. Moving from state to state, the Hughes family went wherever work was available until his father received a job opportunity at Texas State where Hughes and his family eventually settled. Hughes stayed in San Marcos through his high school years.

After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force joining Security Forces. Hughes proudly served in the Air Force for two years of training in law enforcement with Military Police until an injury led him to leave.

After his time as an Airmen, Hughes began taking small jobs within retail and customer service while he worked himself back to full health. Hughes moved back to San Marcos and became Texas State security guard receiving the unique role as Bobcat Villages newest live-in guard.

Hughes stepped in after former guard Trino Cortez resigned after a year for another opportunity.

According to UPD Capt. Patrick Cochran, Cortez was avidly involved in events and security classes around Bobcat Village and was a great help to UPDs workload. Cochran received a strong impression from Hughes and trusts he can impact the community.

“Caleb is a pretty motivated guy, so he’s probably going to get out there and do some good,” Cochran said.

Students at Bobcat Village have been in the midst of crime so far in 2019. On Feb. 20 the second armed robbery took place at Bobcat Village.

Cristina Kearbey, criminal justice freshman, expressed increasing concern over the protection of Bobcat Village due to its isolation from the rest of campus, as well as its poorly lit areas. Kearbey is hopeful a new guard can help alleviate crime.

“Having an officer live on-site is a great idea and is really convenient for us in case of emergency,” Kearbey said.

Hughes plans to cooperate with the chief of police to better secure Bobcat Village.

Like his predecessor, Hughes plans on being an active member in his community and hopes to educate students on safety. Embracing his role, Hughes hopes he can help benefit those around him and succeed in keeping his residents safe.

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