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Austin-based artist performs in San Marcos

Ivy Sandoval, Staff Writer

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Austin-based artist Scott Collins

Scott Collins
Austin-based artist Scott Collins.
Photo courtesy of Scott Collins

Wake the Dead Coffee House is a local San Marcos coffee shop with a unique, eerie theme. Texas State students often go to have a cool place to study, hang out and indulge in caffeine. Additionally, the coffee shop hosts various art shows and live music performances. On Friday, April 26, Austin-based artist Scott Collins performed at the shop. 

Alexys Gonzales, nursing sophomore, said she frequently goes to Wake the Dead to work on homework, and likes the art and music the shop regularly spotlights.

“I like to go to Wake the Dead to study, and when they have artists perform it’s really cool,” Gonzalez her name is spelled with an “S” and “Z” so which is it?  said. “They usually have a lot of good local artists.”

Scott Collins is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but has lived in Austin for the past 27 years. Collins performs in the San Marcos area as often as possible, typically at various bars around town, such as AquaBrew and Buzzmill. He has performed at San Marcos Fest as well as the 2019 South By Southwest Music Festival.

Collins is a singer-songwriter, and his music is a mix of indie and alternative pop with a hint of rock. He often pairs his style with piano or guitar, which showcases his passionately raspy voice.

The 34-year-old artist has been in love with music since childhood. He said his mother recalled him singing from a very young age, though he may have only sang to songs on the radio or while in the shower. When he realized he wanted to pursue music full-time during early adulthood, he hired a professional voice coach and has been working with him for several years now. 

The musician said throughout his career, he gained greater appreciation for performing and takes any opportunity to experience the thrill of it.

“Performing means absolutely everything to me,” Collins said. “It’s a wonderful gift to be able to share with a room full of people and connect in an intimate way through song.”

Collins said experiencing his growth as an artist and observing the improvement in his work makes the career worth it.

“I wanted to reach the highest potential I could by taking it seriously and practicing daily,” Collins said. “Watching and experiencing the growth is totally worth it.”

Collins is currently creating new music at Chicken Run Studios, a recording studio he owns. He is working on releasing a music video or two off his latest EP “Roadmaps,” which was released August 2018. He plans on touring in honor of the EP. Additionally, Collins is hoping to begin working on his debut album as well.

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Austin-based artist performs in San Marcos