LBJ’s $30M construction to bring more space and multicultural center


Jaden Edison

Construction workers tear board down March 11 at the LBJ Student Center.

Photo by Jaden Edison

Samantha Guerrero

Since the LBJ Student Center’s expansion began in Aug. 2018, students have endured constant hammering throughout classes, dining, student organization meetings and more.

Slated to be completed by Feb. 2020, the renovations will include a variety of new spaces as well as old favorites. A new alumni center will be built, replacing the previous one in the J.C. Kellam building. The welcome center will be bigger to allow more room for prospective students touring. A multicultural center attempt to bolster inclusion, allowing students to learn about other cultures.

Sixty-eight percent of students voted for the expansion in a referendum two years ago, according to Rahmann. The success greenlighted the project, which required only a majority vote.

“The student center will benefit the whole community,” Rahmann said. “It will benefit student organizations, departments, everyone.”

A new amphitheater is also in construction, and it will allow for greater capacity compared to the size of the old amphitheater.

The cost of the LBJ Student Center is currently set to be about $30 million. According to Rahmann, Texas State is paying for the project in installments using fees paid by students.

Construction has blocked off the south entrance of the Student Center, and though students might find this inconvenient, Rahmann said the long walk will be worth it in the end.

Ciana Seddon, political science junior, said the expansion will allow the school to grow and prosper.

“It is always good to expand,” Seddon said. “It makes it so that Texas State doesn’t fall behind other universities.”

The construction has already shown results. George’s, the on-campus bar located on the first floor named after famous alumni George Strait, and Chick-Fil-A both reopened at the start of the semester. Chick-Fil-A’s expansion to a full-service menu and a larger workspace has been well received, as well as George’s added space. This plan was made by the LBJ staff and is not part of the expansion project as a whole.

Haley Drennan, English freshman, is excited to see what the changes bring.

“I’m particularly curious about the aesthetic the new student center will bring,” Drennan said. “Hopefully the hike will be worth it in the end.”

Information and weekly progress can be found on the LBJ Student CenterĀ expansion page.

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