Letter to the Editor: Confetti column successfully represents student concerns

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Carissa Liz Castillo


I am writing to you in reference to Naomi Wick’s environmental article, “If They Throw Confetti, Don’t Let Them Walk.”

I commend Naomi on her boldness in content and professionalism in execution. She raises an important yet consistently overlooked issue on our campus and delivers her opinion on the matter gracefully and thoughtfully. To reach people’s hearts and ears, it is crucial to remain devoid of emotion and passion even when dealing with triggering subjects (I know I am triggered by the confetti problem).

I especially appreciate her calling attention to the university’s lack of enforcement on this issue as well as practical suggestions for enforcing this rule and punishing the offenders. Not many articles offer such reasonable, applicable solutions to the problems they present. Naomi’s ideas of community accountability and graduation-related consequences are brilliant and directly challenge the university’s ongoing lack of action.

As a Texas State student, I was proud to read this article. It successfully represents my concerns as a student and (I think) boosts the reputation of the University Star. I hope to read more articles as concise and effective as this one.

Thank you for your hard work,

Jessica Healey

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