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Brianna Benitez

Racism, sexuality and self-love can be difficult topics to discuss. However, one student-run podcast is sparking conversation about these issues.

Womyn of Content is a student-run podcast that aims to bring awareness to discrimination, minority representation and women. The podcast is lead by Asia Daggs, digital media senior, Jenise Jackson and Alexandra Cochran, public relations seniors.

Womyn of Content was launched in early spring 2018 as a branch of KTSW’s podcasts. Daggs, Jackson and Cochran were all part of the web content team. The podcast began after Daggs was asked to fill the position of her former director. At the time, Jackson was the writer for the web content team and Cochran was creating YouTube videos for KTSW.

Womyn of Content was only a part of KTSW for a semester. After creative differences and personal obligations, the members of Womyn of Content decided it would be best to pursue the podcast sans KTSW.

“We have very distinctive voices on our own, so it was hard to dial back when we’re so passionate,” Daggs said.

Additionally, Daggs, Jackson and Cochran did not like the limitations placed on their creativity.

“There were things I wanted to write about but I just didn’t have the freedom to write about them,” Jackson said.

Most importantly, the members of Womyn of Content wanted their podcast to be a voice for women, yet they felt their own voices were being silenced by KTSW.

Now that Womyn of Content has separated from the university’s radio station, they have many goals they wish to achieve in the near future.

Goals for members of Womyn of Content include getting on a biweekly upload schedule and launching their podcast on both Apple Podcast and Spotify.

“We want to bring people on and interview them,” Jackson said. “Especially women of color and women in the work field.”

Although running a podcast on their own has not been easy, the members of Womyn of Content are extremely proud of their work and find comfort in discussing opinions and passions.

“Every time we finish recording it’s like leaving a therapy session,” Cochran said.

Daggs said running a podcast, while time consuming, is a lot of fun.

“When I first got into it, I thought it would be a lot of work but it eventually turned into being the love of my life,” Daggs said.

Womyn of Content was created with hopes of bringing awareness to more current events in the future like black women in healthcare and discrimination of minority communities. The podcast targets issues that are often swept under the rug or considered controversial.

“I think there’s a big genocide on our people (women of color),” Daggs said. “There are so many things hindering us from being a prospering community so I really just want to bring awareness to those things.”

Womyn of Content currently has four episodes available on SoundCloud. Each episode discusses a variety of topics; racism on campus, the lack of representation of minority women in media, the importance of sexual education and beauty tips.

“Sexuality and Stigmas is one of my favorite episodes because it (includes matters) that aren’t expected to be talked about,” Cochran said. “I just think conversation lacks in our age group, especially with women in their early 20s.”

In between the giggly jokes, the members engage in conversations begging to be addressed. The podcast is a celebration of different personalities, identities and backgrounds.

To learn more about Womyn of Content check out their Twitter @WomynofContent and SoundCloud page.

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