City Council approves Transportation Master Plan ordinance


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Christopher Green

The San Marcos City Council approved a motion to establish a new transportation plan and parking management during their Dec. 4 meeting.

The council held the first of two hearings on the Transportation Master Plan and Thoroughfare Plan as part of Ordinance 2018-19. The plan seeks to bring improvements to all types of transportation methods in San Marcos ranging from pedestrians, bicycles and cars.

The plan is still in the drafting process and is expected to propose seven thoroughfare types to ensure safety and efficiency. The next hearing is scheduled for spring 2019.

The council then passed a motion to establish a Parking Management Program. The program will be managed by seven voting members and two non-voting City Council members. It is estimated the program will generate $243,000 in revenue during the first year.

A request to develop 12 lots on approximately 1.206 acres of land located at Earle Street and Baylor Avenue was postponed until all seven seats on the City Council are filled. The request was previously denied by the Planning and Zoning Commission who cited the request was not characteristic of the existing neighborhood.

The proposed lots would fall under Neighborhood Density District-3 regulations, which is intended to accommodate single-family detached houses and encourage opportunities for home ownership.

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