Planning and Zoning Commission denies several motions


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Christopher Green

The San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission denied a request Nov. 13 to open an Eskimo Hut on Aquarena Springs Drive Ste. 110. The Commission also denied a request for a zoning change to allow for the building of 12 single family lots.

The proposal to build an Eskimo Hut, a chain of drive-thru convenience stores that provide frozen daiquiris and margaritas, was submitted by Nelson Riley. Riley owns two other Eskimo Hut locations in San Antonio. His proposal stated it would not allow beverages to be consumed at the location and would be sold in a Styrofoam cup inside a sealed bag.

The San Marcos Police Chief submitted concerns to the Commission citing the frozen consistency of the drinks as an implication of immediate consumption. Commissioners denied Riley’s request to open an Eskimo Hut in San Marcos on the same basis as the chief’s concerns as well as environmental hazards to the river.

The commissioners also considered a request from property owner Lance Huber to build 12 single family lots on 1.206 acres on Earle Street and its intersection with Baylor Avenue. The commissioners denied his request, citing a concern that an alley would have to be built to facilitate increased traffic during construction of the lot. The commissioners said traffic on the narrow road would become a problem for current and future residents. Connected homes would be built on the proposed lots, costing purchasers around $135,000 to $200,000 for rent to own.

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