Planning and Zoning Commission grants permits for three businesses


Photo by Josh Mends | Staff Photographer

Christopher Green

The Planning and Zoning Commission of San Marcos approved requests from three different companies to continue or begin selling alcohol, Oct. 23.

The commission approved a new conditional use permit requested by Wine Down, a store located in the San Marcos outlet mall, to sell beer, wine and daiquiris to shoppers. People who purchase alcoholic beverages will be allowed to take their drinks with them to other stores within the mall, but they will not be allowed to leave the premises with an alcoholic beverage.

The request from Wine Down was passed with all members of the commission voting in favor except for Betseygail Rand who voted in opposition, citing concerns regarding having alcohol consumption around families.

The commission also granted a conditional use permit to Iron BBQ, located at the food court in the outlet malls. The permit is valid for one year. Freddy C’s was also granted a conditional use permit.

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