TXST lecturer strikes a chord with viral hit, “A Scary Time”


Dance lecturer Lynzy Lab instructs a dance class Oct. 22 at Texas State.
Photo by Cameron Hubbard

Kaiti Evans

Texas State lecturer Lynzy Lab landed a performance Oct. 11 on Jimmy Kimmel Live! following a viral Twitter post of her singing her song “A Scary Time.”

Lab, a lecturer in the department of theatre and dance, wrote and posted a song to Twitter Oct. 8. In the video, Lab plays a ukelele and sings, with lyrics centered around the struggles women face compared to men. Lab said her inspiration came in light of President Donald Trump’s comment that it is a “scary time for young men.”

Currently, the video, posted on Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms, has over 10 million views. Shortly after it began to gain traction, Jimmy Kimmel Live! invited Lab to perform on the show.

“It was crazy,” Lab said. “I woke up the next morning and I saw that there were so many people sharing it and it’s kind of been nonstop since then. I talked to Jimmy Kimmel’s team on the phone Tuesday and then they flew me out the next day. It’s just been so surreal.”

Lab said she was most excited to see how the video empowered women and how different people perceived the video, which received positive and negative comments.

“it just caught on like wildfire,” Lab said. “It just really struck a chord with people that could commiserate and felt like I was expressing things that they have been feeling for a long time. At the same time, a lot of the backlash I have been getting is telling in a lot of ways, but also is so strange that there are so many people out there that I’ve never met and don’t know me at all but have a clear opinion of me.”

San Marcos resident Diana Durkin said she the video empowered her and it was great to see someone advocating for women around the world.

“It’s really easy as a woman to feel like nobody understands you or nobody is on your side or nobody is rooting for you,” Durkin said. “And so, to be able to see such a video go public and gather so much attention from women all around the world who are saying, ‘Yes, this is enough,’ and, ‘No, it’s not a scary time for them, but it has been a scary time for us,’ it has just been really encouraging.”

Paola Sanchez, one of Lab’s students, said she was shocked to see her teacher become a national sensation.

“I have her on Instagram, just as a normal friend, and I saw that she posted a video,” Sanchez said. “I see her post a lot of videos. She’s very artistic like that and she writes songs all the time and she paints all the time, so I just saw it on Instagram and I kept scrolling and was like, ‘Ok, cool, another one of Lynzy’s videos,’ and I kept scrolling and it wasn’t until I saw it on NowThis on Facebook that I was like, ‘oh my god, this song is actually big,” and then I was so shocked.”

Lab encourages an open dialogue on the song’s subject and she said she wants people to know the video was not about hating men, but about the daily struggles women face. in their daily lives.

“I don’t hate men,” Lab said. “I’m married to a really really great one.(He’s) super supportive. I surround myself with amazing men who are in my friend circle and in my family who support women and who just want us to be able to live in a world where we are not constantly checking over our shoulder because we shouldn’t have to.”

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