VOTING 2018: Meet the San Marcos Mayor candidates


Mayor Profiles

Christopher Green

Jane Hughson:

Photo courtesy of Jane Hughson

Jane Hughson is running for San Marcos mayor against John Thomaides.

Photo courtesy of Jane Hughson

City Council Place 4 member Jane Hughson has a platform centered on bringing businesses to San Marcos to help ease the poverty level and working on Code SMTX to protect San Marcos’ environment. Hughson has 10 years of experience on City Council and seven years on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“I want to ensure we don’t forget the residents that are in the low-to-moderate income level,” Hughson said. “We need to continue our economic incentive program to get more businesses to locate here with good jobs with more than just the bare minimum living wage.”

Hughson said Code SMTX, the city code for development and regulations on land use, is a vital component when it comes to conserving San Marcos’ environment.

“We need to continue to protect the river and our environment,” Hughson said. “Our new Code SMTX, which is our land development code, provides for a lot of protection for our river, creek, tributaries and our environment.”

John Thomaides:

John Thomaides is running to be re-elected as San Marcos mayor.

John Thomaides is running to be re-elected as San Marcos mayor.

Photo courtesy of John Thomaides

Following his two-year term, Mayor John Thomaides is running for re-election with a platform centered around more affordable housing, increased wages, environmental conservation, supporting small businesses and weaving students into the community. He has served on City Council for five terms.

“I’m gonna work tirelessly on providing better-paying jobs, which connects to the housing situation,” Thomaides said. “About half of the citizens in San Marcos would not qualify for a mortgage of $150,000, so we need to raise wages and provide more housing choices.”

Thomaides said he wants to end the anti-student bias on the City Council and better unite students and residents.

“I really feel like there is an anti-student situation going on in our council,” Thomaides said. “I want to weave students more into the fabric of the community and let the community see the value of each other and what we can get if they participate and stay in the city after they graduate.”

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