Bubble Believers begin filming documentary


Joseph Losoya blows bubbles near Alkek Library to spread joy and motivation to students on Oct. 11.
Photo By Brianna Benitez

Brianna Benitez

Students better get ready to “bubble believe” it. The Bubble Believers are coming out with a documentary, set to release by the end of 2018.

Joesph Losoya, also known as the Bubble Believer, has been blowing bubbles at Texas State for the past three years. The inspiration for creating Bubble Believers stemmed from when Losoya served in the Air Force from 2008 to 2012. Losoya said when he was bored on base, he would blow bubbles to kill time.

Before transferring to Texas State, Losoya attended Palo Alto Community College in San Antonio, where he first began spreading bubble love and enthusiasm.

After serving in the Air Force, Losoya and a few friends created a group called Table of Friendship at Palo Alto. Losoya said the creation of the group was completely accidental. Initially, he and his friends invited students to sit with them and talk about campus events.

Members of Table of Friendship created such a positive impact on students at Palo Alto Community College that Losoya was encouraged to create a similar organization at Texas State when he transferred in 2015.

“I thought, what would happen if I bring the bubbles to campus?” Losoya said. “It really took off and Texas State students kept tweeting about me and (messaging me on Snapchat.) They made the bubble guy into this big movement.”

Losoya said Bubble Believers have helped many students get through their day. After many requests from neighboring institutions, Losoya has expanded Bubble Believers to several other campuses like Palo Alto Community College, UTSA and St. Mary’s University. Losoya brings bubbles to Palo Alto on Tuesdays, UTSA on Wednesdays and St. Mary’s on Fridays. Any student who wants to join him can take a bubble wand and help spread joy across their campus.

Every Monday, Losoya and the Bubble Believers are on campus, blowing bubbles and spreading positivity. Bubble Believers is a group anyone can join.

Briana Rodriguez, exploratory freshman, said she notices Losoya and the Bubble Believers when she walks to class on Mondays.

“(Bubble Believers) just bring so much joy to my heart,” Rodriguez said.

Losoya and the Bubble Believers primary goal is spreading positivity with their presence on campus.

Losoya held a fundraiser from Sept. 16 to Oct. 9 for victims of the Iconic Village Apartment fire. He sold 14 Bubble Believer T-shirts and raised a total of $105. Losoya is currently searching for two victims of the fire to donate this money to. Losoya said he wants to help the community in any way he can.

“I want people to know that no matter what stage in your life, whatever you’re going through, try your best to look at the positive side of every situation,” Losoya said.

Losoya is currently working alongside Sachin Dheeraj, graduate student at the University of Texas, in filming a documentary about the Bubble Believers. The documentary will cover what the Bubble Believers have done and all they are trying to accomplish. Losoya said he wants this documentary to deliver a message of positivity.

“My goal is to help people realize they can do it, whatever they’re trying to accomplish,” Losoya said.

Dheeraj is currently enrolled in a documentary class at UT. Dheeraj said when he was searching for a subject for his documentary, he stumbled upon an article about Losoya.

“I was really moved,” Dheeraj said. “I was like, this guy really has a different perspective toward life.”

Losoya and Dheeraj are working hard to get the documentary filmed and edited by December 2018. Losoya said the documentary will be uploaded to YouTube. Dheeraj wants to enter the documentary in a film festival.

To stay connected with Losoya and the Bubble Believers, check out their social media @bubbleguytxst on Twitter and @bubblebelievers on Instagram.

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