Alumnus assists artistic growth


Michael Hannon led a workshop at the Price Center over calligraphy in May. This month he led two more workshops in paper engineering and poetry.
Photo Courtesy of Clay DeStafano

Sonia Garcia

One Texas State alumnus is helping locals reveal their inner artists by leading workshops at the Price Center.

The Price Center is a community events center with a focus on visual, performing and cultural arts. It offers an array of fun events that are low priced or free, ranging from quilting to dancing.

The Price Center and Lifelong Learning, non-profit organizations, hosted two workshops over the summer taught by five-time published poetry writer and Texas State alumnus, Michael Hannon.

After Michael Hannon conducted two workshops with the Price Center over calligraphy and illumination early summer, he was brought back to share more of his artistic abilities.

“Having a chance to share my interest, knowledge and experience in the artistic field is very nice,” Hannon said.

The two workshops held this summer allowed community members to engage with a new art form. Paper engineering and poetry take practice, but with instruction from Hannon, the students left with new skills.

Pop-ups and origami have been part of Hannon’s artistic career for more than 20 years. The workshop is two hours long and is held every Monday until Sept. 22.

When the paper engineering class began, Hannon introduced the idea of having something pop up. He started with simple projects like greeting cards. Over the course of six weeks, he has introduced more advanced pop-ups and techniques with paper.

Ten community members attended the event, including recently retired Texas State professor Patricia Pattison.

“It is sometimes frustrating because I haven’t had much contact with the arts, but I’m really enjoying his class,” Pattison said. “Each week he introduces a new idea, and it is very interactive.”

The second workshop focuses on poetry, which may not be everyone’s forte. However, Hannon works with attendees to build writing skills. The workshop is two hours long and held every Tuesday until Sept. 23. Both experienced and new poets are welcome to attend the workshop.

Hannon said poetry is all about practice, so every week he guides students through experimenting with different forms. He discusses different themes, line lengths and how to convey certain emotions through poetry.

Because the class is small, the students share their poetry aloud with fellow students. He also works individually with students on their poetry.

As the workshops wrap up, participants will walk away with a new set of skills and techniques. Clay DeStefano, executive director of the Price Center, said the center has many more art classes in store.

“I really want to make sure (the Price Center) is lifting up local performers and artist as much as possible,” DeStefano said.

Each person has an artist in them, and the Price Center presents variants of opportunities to unleash the creative self.

To stay up to date with the Price Center visit its Facebook page at Price Center and Tea Room San Marcos.

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