Planning and Zoning Commission denies request to remove limits on Preferred Scenario Map Amendments


San Marcos City Hall.

Christopher Green

The Planning and Zoning Commission denied a proposed amendment Sept. 25 to remove the twice-per-year limit on the number of times Preferred Scenario Map Amendments can be requested.

City Council suggested the commission review the amendment and remove section from the San Marcos Development Code, which would affect Public Service Announcement requirements in existing neighborhoods and requests for medium or high-density zones.

All nine members of the commission voted against the amendment and said current developers have enough time to plan their projects with the twice-per-year limit.

The commission also passed an amendment to add standards for Neighborhood Presentation Meetings. Neighborhood meetings for zoning and PSA requests will be required to take place at or near the property where the request is being made and has to be 20-28 days prior to the commission’s meeting.

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