Letter to the Editor: About President Boreing

Jacob Cleveland

I was sitting in on today’s Texas State University Senate meeting during the Public Forum portion of the meeting. During this allotted time, a young man took to the podium and volleyed some serious accusations towards President Brooklyn Boreing. He accused Boreing of receiving $2,800 and 25 iPads, entirely under the table, from Turning Point USA. After the gentleman’s speech was over, he left the room, and President Boreing said absolutely nothing in response to these accusations. I found President Boreing’s response, or lack thereof in this case, very troubling. Perhaps The University Star already knows of this. After all, the gentleman did say he has further evidence he is willing to turn over to The University Star. So if I’m wasting your time, I apologize, but I refuse to sit idly by and allow for potential corruption to go by unchecked. I wasn’t sure who to talk to about this but then I thought, who better to keep power in check than the press? I know Student Government has been through a lot lately, but I thought I’d just voice my concern in hopes of keeping our Student Government here on campus accountable and transparent.

– Jacob Cleveland is a member of Freshman Council

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