Campus dance crew returns for second year


KIDZ NxT DOOR rejoices after a successful performance.
Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Gonzales

Sonia Garcia

Hip-hop is no stranger to Texas State, but one organization is stealing the show with new dance moves.

KIDZ NxT DOOR stepped into the spotlight last year as a fresh and all-inclusive hip-hop dance team. Now, they are back for a second year to recruit dancers and share new performances.

Prince Imo, public relations senior, searched on campus for a dance crew to join. He was unable to find one both ethnically diverse and included both genders. Since he wanted to be part of a crew that focused on hip-hop dancing and inclusiveness, he started KND.

In the year the group has been present on campus, KND has over 20 members and won the 2017 Homecoming Talent Show. They have collaborated on multiple projects with different organizational such as Hip Hop Congress, BobcatTHON and Harambee.

Imo wants KND to be a growing experience for its members. While about half are not dance majors, they can still improve their skills and help others do so as well.

“We want to create a positive environment where people are comfortable with themselves dancing,” Imo said. “We are looking for people who are able to perform, learn choreography and dance with others.”

A new academic year means all KND members, except board members, are required to re-audition alongside new members. Those who make the group in the fall semester can automatically walk on as members in the spring.

Auditions for the fall 2018 dance crew will take place Sept. 3 and Sept. 8. Students have the opportunity to audition on a Monday or Saturday, respectively. Prior to these dates, KND will host dance workshops hosted by Imo and other dancers in the crew. These workshops are a chance for interested students to get a feel for what KND is and have some fun with other hip-hop enthusiasts. The workshops are held at the Student Recreation Center and will be announced on KND’s social media pages.

Elizabeth Gonzales, criminal justice senior, said she enjoys being a part of the dance crew because it allows her to dance without being a dance major. She will be one of the judges at the tryouts with Imo.

“Once you throw some dancers together in a room they magically get along; they can be from everywhere and anywhere but if they’re dancers, they will get along,” Gonzales said. “It’s been fun getting to meet so many different people.”

Mark Bell, theatre senior, has learned a lot since joining KND. He has a passion for dance and was thrilled when Imo made his own hip-hop crew.

“Being around so many people who are so passionate about getting better at something they love is really inspiring,” Bell said. “It’s made me into a better dancer, harder worker and person.”

The crew practices at least twice a week. In the fall semester, they will be working toward their biggest performance: the Homecoming Talent Show. There, the crew is able to showcase who they are as a group and test their skill level in competition.

After winning the 2017 Homecoming Talent Show, KND gained popularity. Campus organizations began reaching out to KND to request performances.

Imo hopes KND can become even more popular on campus with performances at different sporting events. He aims to create different dance teams within KND for dance battles.

To keep up-to-date with workshops, auditions and performances, check out KND’s Twitter and Instagram @KNDtxst.

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