Credit card skimming on the rise in San Marcos


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Christopher Green

The recent discovery of another credit card skimmer at a San Marcos gas station has marked an uptick in the crime.

A skimmer, or small device used to steal card information during a legitimate physical purchase, was discovered at the Wonderworld Drive Exxon gas station. The discovery marked the fourth skimmer found in the last three months, according to Sergeant Byron Mobley of the San Marcos Police Department.

“There could be more we don’t know about,” Mobley said. “In some cases, you lose $5 and in other cases, you lose $5,000.”

Pradi Parajuli, manager at the Exxon where the skimmer was found, said he has become more aware of skimmers due to the incident.

“Every morning when I get to work I check the pumps,” Parajuli said. “I helped the police check the cameras to see how the suspect put the skimmer on.”

Texas State reports one credit card skimmer issue in the last 10 years, according to Crime Prevention Specialist Otto Glenewinkel with the University Police Department.

“It was at the Student Center 10 years ago when Bank of America used to have an ATM on campus,” Glennewinkel said.

Skimmers can be reported to the San Marcos Police Department at 512-753-2108.

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