Easy ways to make extra money this summer


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Paola Quiroz

Keeping up with summer expenses without a job can be tough, but is doable and effortless with the help of several businesses located in San Marcos.

Uptown Cheapskate

Clean out your closet and sell your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories at Uptown Cheapskate.

Jason Dominguez, Uptown Cheapskate assistant manager, said when buying clothes, employees look for styles that have been popular within the last two years, as well as cool, trendy vintage clothing coming back in style.

“We aren’t looking for just party outfits,” Dominguez said. “We also look for items people can wear to job interviews or to really nice places.”

The store sells items for 70 percent of the retail value and customers receive a third of that. However, they offer 25 percent more in-store credit, and every now and then 40 percent more.

“We love high-end items,” Dominguez said. “Whenever it comes to very expensive brands, we do extensive research. We price accordingly and give the customer the best amount.”

According to their website, clothing must be freshly washed and in great condition to earn the most money. There cannot be any stains, tears, rips or missing buttons clothing items must be in current fashion.

Cash for Books

Each semester, books are purchased for classes and often never reused. However, those books are worth reselling for money.

Colloquium Bookstore buys back used books in two ways: online or in-store. To sell books online, visit Colloquium’s website or go to their store on 320 University Drive to get cash immediately.

During major buyback periods like summer, books might sell for up to 50 percent their original price. Books must be in good condition with intact covers, have no torn pages, water damages, or missing pages. Colloquium purchases books they already have in stock and ones that have not been requested for the following semester.

The University Bookstore buys back books for 50 percent of the purchased price but only for books that are required for the following semester. However, wholesale services are still available for books not needed by the bookstore.


Favor gives its employees all the liberty they need. Runners can set up their own schedule, and clock in and clock out whenever they need. All that is required is a smartphone and a reliable form of transportation.

Favor runners earn between $10-$18 an hour. Runners receive tips in their entirety and all scheduled hours have minimum guaranteed earnings.

Additionally, as a Favor runner, one can “run” in any Favor city. This means runners in San Marcos could also run in Austin and possibly make more money since it is a bigger metropolitan area.

These three simple ways might not pay the bills after one day, but they can help pay for sweet temptations such as dinner or a night out with friends.

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