Student Government chief of staff resigns

<em>Star file photo. </em>

Star file photo.

Student Government chief of staff Collin Pruett resigned from his position June 23 to pursue other opportunities, according to his resignation statement.

Pruett was appointed as the chief of staff by Student Government President Brooklyn Boreing, whose cabinet picks faced scrutiny from senators that resulted in a delay of the cabinet members’ confirmation. Pruett’s position, however, didn’t require confirmation by the Student Government Senate. Boreing’s picks will be confirmed in fall 2018 as Student Government picks back up.

Pruett, a history junior, released an email statement at 4:24 p.m., which served as his official resignation from his position:

“I am submitting my official resignation from the position of Chief of Staff of Texas State’s Associated Student Government after a successful transition of the Boreing-Becerra team from campaign to administration. My current path now leads beyond Associated Student Government and on to other opportunities that have presented themselves. I look forward to seeing our President-Elect translate her record shattering victory into results that live up to her campaign’s ideals and restore sovereignty to democratic processes in lieu of unruly protest. Over the coming school year, her well-crafted agenda will unite our University and improve student government’s effect in the community. I feel honored to have contributed a small piece to this effort. I pray for continued blessings upon Brooklyn Boreing and Ruben Becerra, JR.”

In a tweet, Pruett said he has served the shortest amount of time as chief of staff in Student Government’s history and that it was a proud accomplishment.

Pruett’s resignation comes among a number of other Student Government resignations as of recent.

The University Star will continue to follow this story, as well as publish an update on Student Government, as it develops.

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