Humans of San Marcos: Payton Morey


Payton Morey, marketing sophomore, making a latte at Summer Moon.

Photo by Sonia Garcia | Lifestyle Reporter

Sonia Garcia

“I just got back from Colorado. My boyfriend’s family lives over there and we go pretty often. My first time going was back in 2014 and I really enjoy it. This past time we went snowboarding and that was super fun. I really love to travel with my boyfriend, probably my favorite thing to do with him. My boyfriend and I came to Texas State together. Our favorite thing to do in San Marcos is float the river. I don’t get to go as often as I like because I work a lot, but I try to make it out there as often as I can. I’m from Buda, so I’m really always in the area. This summer I will be working a lot, but I really hope I find time to enjoy myself either at the river or taking a trip somewhere.”

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