Best date night: Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery


(From left to right) Angie Posada, Milton Ricks, and Baba share the fresh tomato bruschetta starter plate at Root Cellar Café.

Photo by Alyssa Weinstein | Lifestyle Reporter

Alyssa Weinstein

Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery is a beloved restaurant that made its mark on the San Marcos community. Its popularity has grown over the years and led to winning best date night in the San Marcos Stars.

Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery is considered a “new American” restaurant, offering a twist on classic dishes. It is best known for its breakfast menu with unique options such as the Brazilian French toast or cherry hazelnut oatmeal bowl.

“Almost every item in the restaurant is made from scratch in our kitchen,” Beth James , the general manager said. “We are truly local and support other local businesses as well. We care about the small details like fresh bread, brewing our own beers, making our own desserts; even our ice cream is homemade. There is no cutting corners if you are going to make this kind of food.”

The restaurant is known as a great place for professors to bring guests and for students to bring their parents when they come visit. However, the little cafe could not be a more perfect venue for a date night with its commitment to an authentic eating experience.

“Our CEO and owner, Kyle Mylius, has purposely made sure The Root Cellar Cafe feels like a step into the past, where you can get away from social media and the technology world,” James said. “Being in a restaurant is supposed to be a genuine human, social experience, and we are providing that without the need to pick up your phone or to watch a television.”

The Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery is located at 215 N LBJ Drive and is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

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