Humans of San Marcos: Monique Valle


Monique Valle, social work graduate student, studying in Rhea's Ice Cream Shop on the square

Photo by Arielle Raveney | Lifestyle Reporter

Arielle Raveney

“I got vitiligo when I was 16. Basically, it’s the loss of pigmentation of the skin. After I got it my hair started coming out white. I’ve been to so many doctors and no one really knows why it happens and there is no cure for it. I was on medication for about 3 years and it kind of helped but it made me an ugly person; it changed my attitude so I stopped taking it. It took me a while to get used to it and now I’m just like ‘this is me’ and I can’t do anything about it. I have learned to embrace that. It was scary (at first) because I was in high school and it’s a phase with bullies and kids and they don’t really understand it. I went through a little depression with that, but my family is very supportive and they helped me through that. I have learned to love myself.”

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