Broc Bosse: A boss on the baseball field

<em> Broc Bosse is one of the leading hitters for the Texas State University Baseball team. </em>
<strong>Photo by <a href=Marina Bustillo-Mendoza | Staff Photographer" class="catboxphoto" />


Broc Bosse is one of the leading hitters for the Texas State University Baseball team.

Photo by Marina Bustillo-Mendoza | Staff Photographer

John Paul Mason

In baseball, the players need to be ready to go into the game if they are needed. For one pitcher, coming out of the bullpen and needing to save the Bobcats is what he does best.

For Broc Bosse, sophomore left-handed pitcher and technology management junior, helping the Bobcats strike out the opposing team is not unfamiliar to him.

Making important plays in the diamond is a huge aspect for the Bobcats, who are hoping to go far in Omaha at the College World Series. However, Bosse does not like taking all the credit; he likes to see his accomplishments more as valuable experience.

“I don’t want to say it was more success, but experience in general,” Bosse said. “Not (just) me, but everyone as a whole.”

Coming into games midway through can be a mental hurdle for many. Sometimes one is being asked to hold on to a lead, or even keep a game close while trailing. But all it takes is a strong mindset, one similar to Bosse’s.

“Mid-game, no matter what the situation is, my mindset is to save the other guys’ ERA,” Bosse said. “If there are people on base, I have a job, and that is to not let them score.”

This season, the Bobcats have been ranked 30th nationally. It is not often that a Texas State team is ranked so highly, and Bosse, like many fans, saw it as a double-edged sword for the team.

“Honestly I thought it was a good thing we saw the ranking,” Bosse said. “I think some people took it to their heads and let it pump them up a lot. But we did deserve to be ranked, we were playing well.”

The ranking was a bit of a wake-up call to the players, but not to the coaching staff. The coaches did not let it affect the way they worked with the players.

“(Head Coach Ty Harrington) never really said anything about the ranking; none of the coaches really did as a matter of fact,” Bosse said. “Everyone saw it on social media and was talking about it. Of course, you want to improve your ranking, but I think it was somewhat of a distraction.”

Chemistry is another aspect of a winning team. Bosse said having a lot of the same players return for this season has been a big part of the team’s success so far.

“I think just having that experience, knowing what to do in certain situations and knowing how to control yourself when your name is called is a big deal,” Bosse said.

Bosse’s hard work this season has shown in his poise, confidence and consistency as an integral member of the team.

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